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Vista Water Feature Design

San Diego Ponds is proud to call Vista, CA home.  The natural landscape and climate is perfect for water feature accents.  Custom water gardens and water features can add beauty and value to your landscape.  Natural pond design or contemorpary water features add a new dimension to your landscape.  Vista offers a climate that allows you to enjoy your outdoor water feature all year round.   Custom landscapping and proper planning can give you a pond that brings joy and relaxation for years to come.

Custom Landscape in Vista, CA

vista-pond-builderSan Diego Ponds recently completed this custom landscape design in Vista, CA.   The focal point for this landscape design is a twenty by thirty foot pond, with a natural rock bottom.  Complemented by a natural rock waterfall, this complete custom landscape design in Vista was designed to blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape.  The koi pond is surrounded by custom concrete, large boulders and tropical foliage.  

A custom lighting solution was added to this water feature to allow for an even more spectacular view during the night.  The distinct natural rock bottom gives a more natural feel to the koi pond, and adds further texture to the landscape.