Vanishing Waterfalls

vanishing-waterfall-escondido1Pondless Waterfalls and Water Features

Let’s talk shop. Attention to detail is essential when choosing equipment. High quality parts and plumbing are place in all San Diego Ponds water features. Maintenance on a San Diego Ponds vanishing waterfall is virtually non-existent. The variety of energy efficient pump systems used by San Diego Ponds allows us to dial up or down water pressure and flow to meet the desires of the client. Vanishing waterfalls and streams are ideal for places of business, public forums, and for the homeowner who would like to contribute motion and sound to a landscape but do not necessarily want a pool of water. Pondless or vanishing streams and waterfalls have two parts; the above ground equipment and the below ground “hidden” equipment. Above ground you will have natural rock, 45 millimeter rubber pond liner with hearty underlayment.

pondless-waterfall-carlsbadLow Maintenance, Energy Efficient Landscape Solution

The hidden construction is composed of a well that houses the water reservoir, submersible pump and access vault. Water is pumped from the reservoir to the top spillway via an underground pipe where water will cascade over hand picked natural boulders and pebble, then disappear into the reservoir. We make an extra effort to build our water features to a standard of excellence not easily compared. Perfectionism in craftsmanship, an eye for design along side quality equipment create satisfied clients. San Diego Ponds will design a vanishing waterfall or stream to match any style including a desert oasis, mountain scene or jungle-scape just to name a few. Let’s face it, after you experience a landscape with a water feature as a focal point every other “dry” landscape in comparison will leave you THIRSTY for more! Contact us today for a free quote!