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Pond Inspiration – Natural vs. Modern

Water, the sight and sound of it soothes our soul and inspires creation.

Fountains, waterfalls and Koi ponds have been an inspired addition to our personal space, across the world, since the beginning of modern time.

Interpretations of nature, man-made water features vary extensively throughout the world. We see many which take inspiration straight from nature. Man-made lakes, ponds and waterfalls blend so impeccably with its surroundings, one passing by would never guess it to be a work of man. Carved out of the earth, lined with natural rock, these hold a variety of plants and animals. Edges are softened with tall grasses and iris, other varieties of floating and rooted flora also dot the waterscape. Turtles, catfish, bluegill and more thrive for generations in these complete ecosystems.

Other water features, concrete in the structure, fitting into any modern shape and size, are positioned to compliment an existing structure. Many now are designing the structures around an extraordinary water feature. The water feature lends its esthetic to inspire surrounding structures and scapes, leaning into its magnetic artistic expression.

Within these modernly formed waters lies another layer of movement and beauty. Flowing like the subject of an animated oil painting, the Koi fish gracefully hover and flow. Ruffled fins undulate through their world peacefully aware of our observing presence. They come to you in acknowledgment and pause to receive a treat from your hand. They grow to know you, and you them, each with a unique personality. All with the trust of your care.

Along the waters edge floating just above the surface you will often find arainbow of lily, lotus, hyacinth and more. Their blooms attracting an array ofwinged creatures to delight you.

Monet, so inspired by his private water garden, created nearly 250 variations of his beautiful water lilies painting, versions of which are essential parts of museum collections all across the world. Living near Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau was inspired to write one of his most enduring works, Walden which lead to a back-to-nature conservationist movement, preserving this pond and many others around the world. So let me ask you, what is your inspiration?

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